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Morinaga Chil Kid P-HP
MoriCare Σ Triple Bifidus

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Morinaga Chil Kid P-HP MoriCare Σ Triple Bifidus
is a growth formula for children aged 1-3 years with partial hydrolyzed whey protein. The latest flagship innovation from Morinaga Research Center Japan provides the nutritional synergy among Multitalented Intelligence, Double Immune, Optimal Growth & Development factors, supplemented with Prodiges Σ, Triple Bifidus Probiotics combination, and Prebiotic GOS, to support strong body immunity and allergic prevention for your children.
Morinaga Chil Kid P-HP MoriCare Σ Triple Bifidus
is a formula for children aged 1-3 years containing partially hydrolyzed whey protein to reduce the risk of allergies in children who have a family history of allergies.
Quality Nutrition In The Early Days Of Life Is A Priority To Determine Children's Intelligence And Health Quality In The Future
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With quality protein equal to cow milk, enriched with Amino Acid Essential, Vitamin and Minerals.

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Supported by Choline nutrients, AAL & AL essential fatty acids (Alfa-Linolenic & Linoleic), and Iron.
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The combination of Probiotics asset moricare omega dan beta (good bacteria) and Prebiotics GOS (good bacterial food), synergize for the health of the gastrointestinal tract and increase immune system.
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The combination of vitamin D and calcium in the Morinaga formula, helps to maintain bone and tooth density.

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To make a Multitalented Platinum Generation Child, nutrition is not the only thing needed, but the role of stimulation from parents (especially mothers) becomes very important.
Morinaga presents 6 Steps of Multitalented Activation with the support of the right Parenting Pattern, the right Learning Style and Emotional Intelligence to support the Growth and Development of Indonesian Children into a Multitalented Platinum Generation

Morinaga Chil Kid P-HP MoriCare Σ Triple Bifidus Variants

Chil Kid P-HP MoriCare+ Prodiges 400gr

Chil Kid P-HP MoriCare Σ Triple Bifidus 400gr

Specifications: Weight 400gr,
for 1-3 years old.