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itching on the body after bathing, is it water allergy?

Itching on the Body After Bathing, Is It Water Allergy?

Bathing is a mandatory routine to keep your children’s body clean and healthy. This daily activity is known to help eliminate excess oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and fungi that can cause infections and skin disorders.


But believe it or not, in certain cases, bathing apparently can also cause skin problems. How come?


Yes, this situation applies specifically to children who have water allergy. This type of allergy is quite rare, so is the number of sufferers. It also known as aquagenic urticaria, which is a skin disorder that happens due to contact with water. The occurring symptoms vary from severe itching to pain on the skin after coming into contact with water.


Unlike the other types of allergies, histamine (part of the immune response released during an allergic reaction) is not the main cause of water allergy symptom. Some experts call it a skin disorder when the oil produced by the body to smooth the skin surface reacts when it meets with water and triggers itching and rashes.


The sufferer usually has hypersensitive skin, especially with water that has been mixed with additional chemicals such as chlorine. But in some unique cases, clear water, rainwater, even sweat can trigger this allergic reaction.


The symptoms and diagnosis


Do your children suddenly experience severe itching after bathing? Is it the symptoms of water allergy?


Maybe yes, maybe also no. the most important thing that must be considered is whether the symptoms only occur occasionally or every time after the skin comes in contact with water?


If occasionally, the itching may be caused by other factors. For example due to insect bites, dust mites, or other causes. But if you choose the second answer, there is a possibility that your children suffer from water allergy.


In general, the common symptom of water allergy is severe itching after the skin is exposed to water. In some cases, the symptom can also be feeling pain on the skin. The reaction is usually marked by the appearance of redness on the skin after one to fifteen minutes exposed to water. In the next 10-120 minutes, the lesion (swelling) can increase and cause pain.


The only safest way to determine whether the children have water allergy is by consulting to an allergist. Given that this disease is classified as rare and requires extra care, consult a doctor to know the best way to handle this.


Prevention and Treatment


There are indeed some things that Moms could do to relieve the symptoms of water allergy. One of them is by giving a medication to relieve itching or special ointment to apply on the skin with allergy reaction.


But the best step to anticipate this type of allergy is of course by preventing your children from coming into contact with water. It is indeed not easy, knowing that water is everywhere and a part of our daily life.


Some experts suggest that if it is really needed to use water, try to use cold water instead of warm water. And don’t take a long time as well, just a minute or two. To wash hands, hand sanitizer with alcohol or essential oil based can be an option.


To avoid sweating, choose clothes that can easily absorb water and made from cooling material, such as cotton. Let your children to be in a cool place when doing activities.


Once again, for more precise treatment, consulting an allergist is the best way. Also, do not forget to give encouragement, attention, affection and support to your children so they can live their days happily despite having allergy.