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Diarrhea is not only caused by milk, but can also be caused by various reasons. If it is not caused by cow’s milk allergy (the children have previously consumed cow’s milk or partially hydrolyzed milk), then you can continue giving Morinaga P-HP to your children. However if the diarrhea happens often, you better visit a doctor to find out the cause.
Morinaga P-HP is a hypoallergenic product which means it has a very low risk in causing allergies. The diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy is usually determined through a laboratory test or based on the symptoms happened after drinking cow’s milk. You better consult with a doctor if the allergy occurs since the doctor will determine whether it is an allergy or just an atopic. Most pediatricians still recommend Morinaga P-HP for atopic dermatitis (mild allergy).
It should not be a problem for children aged 1 year and above since glucoline is a fructose glucose, while formula milk actually contains glucose in the form of Maltodextrin. However, it can only be given in small quantity and if it has to be given to baby under 1 year old, you should consult to a paediatrician first.
FOS is a prebiotic which functions to help nutrients absorption and the children’s digestive tract health. FOS, GOS (Galacto-oligosaccharides), and lactulose actually have the same function as prebiotics. FOS and lactulose will work better if combined with Probiotic Bifidobacterium as contained in Morinaga Soya and Morinaga P-HP.
Actually, unlike children under 5 years old, drinking milk is not a necessity for children aged 5 years and above since they are already able to consume other dairy products such as regular milk, cheese ice cream, etc. But it is also not a problem for them to keep consuming Morinaga Chil Kid P-HP, instead they will still get the benefits of the nutrition that is contained in the Chil Kid P-HP.
Morinaga Soya contains 100% of soy protein isolates and does not contain cow’s milk lactose, so it is safe to be consumed by babies with lactose intolerance or cow’s milk allergy. Whereas Morinaga P-HP is made of cow’s milk which protein has been hydrolysed into small particles, so it is easier to be digested and reduces the risk and symptoms of allergies.