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About Cek Alergi

Cek Alergi comes with a complete information and inspiration according to the development stage of your child

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Are you worried about the allergies experienced by your child, moms? Or do you have questions about allergies in children? Don't worry, moms. You can learn everything about allergies experienced by your little one, here. From how to find out, prevent, overcome, to sharing every accurate information about allergies.

Always stay updated with these information, moms, so your little one's allergy can be handled properly.

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What is Allergy?

Allergy is a reaction of the immune system to a substance that is considered dangerous to enter the body. There are various reactions, from skin disorders such as rashes, bumps, eczema; respiratory problems, to digestive disorders.

Allergic reactions can certainly interfere the activity and inhibit the growth of your child. But, there's no need to worry, Mom. Allergies can be overcome through their respective ways based on their type.

So, let's find out more about factors that cause an allergy to your Little One, to ensure that allergies do not inhibit their growth.

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How to Prevent Allergy?

How to
Prevent Allergy?

After knowing more about factors that cause allergies, now it's time to prevent it as early as possible. Prevent it by knowing how big the risk is, with MP.

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How to Overcome Allergy?

How to
Overcome Allergy?

Every child has a different allergic tendency. So, let's overcome your child allergy by giving them the right treatment. One thing you can do is give allergen-free food and nutrition for your child.

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Share Allergy Info!

Allergy Info!

Not only receiving information, Moms can also share your experience in handling your child's allergy with Morinaga. Don't let allergy inhibit your child's potential.

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